Movie Pitch

Sorry I missed last week. Anyway, here's a new comic.

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Comic transcript

1 Producer: Love the script! Brilliant! 2 Producer: Just one thing though, I’m not really familiar with the property. 3 Writer: What do you mean? I only just wrote it. 4 Producer: I mean like, what property are we remaking? Writer: What? None. Producer: Rebooting? 5 Writer: It’s not a remake or a reboot, I’m not sure how those things are even different. Producer: Sequel? Writer: No… 6 Producer: OH! So it’s an adaptation! Why didn’t you say so? 7 Producer: So what is it, a comic? Writer: No. Producer: A teenage novel? Writer: No! Producer: Video game? Toy franchise? Twitter account? Writer: None of those! 8 Producer: It’s not a true story is it? We’ve got a full schedule already for Oscar season. 9 Writer: It’s… a zombie movie… 10 Writer: Ok, just listen… 11 Writer: It’s an original story. 12 Producer: OH!!! I get it! 13 14 Writer: So a prequel?