Annnnnd we’re back

I've got some new CMS for the site, and quite a few comics lined up for the near future. I'm still going to be getting things in order for a little while, getting things pretty again, uploading the old comics, etc.

Author commentary… from the FUTURE!

First of 2015, I’m not really writing these much in the future anymore. Sometime between my last comic and this one I started playing around with drawing noses differently, so, that’s the new style from here onwards.

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Comic transcript

In a sex ed class. Alright kids, I'm here to teach you all about screwing. And the first rule about screwing is that there are no rules. Just put it in where it fits and hope for the best. Honestly it's bloody simple. But, what if I get pregnant? Alright, here's some of the best advice you're ever gonna get. If you drop a baby and say it wasn't on purpose usually people believe you.