Two Bros and Some Tatts

Well, I'm officially moving my update schedule from Sundays to Thursdays, because, you know, that makes sense.

Author commentary… from the FUTURE!

I was still feeling like shit and hating all my comics this week, but at least I turned to an old idea that I had sitting around for a while, even though I hated it at the time. In the end it sort of works. I think this one was sitting around because I couldn’t get the end right, the tattoo was originally going to say something like “I hate black” or something equally terrible, but it just didn’t feel right. I think “I <3 ISIS” works better.

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Comic transcript

Jake: Aw bro, we got so smashed last night.

Lee; Hey bro, you got a tattoo!

Jake: Seriously! What does it say!?

Lee: It says ‘BRO’, bro!

Jake: Hey bro! You got one too!

Lee: Aw cool!

Lee: What does it say bro?

The tattoo says "I <3 ISIS"