Man, I dunno about this one, oh well, whatever.

This is directed more at the recent game than anything else, I've been playing a bit lately. I don't know how Batman can be so sure he's not killing anyone, at least some of the few hundred dudes he beats up over the course of the game would be dead. And don't get me started on the bat-mobile.

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Batman: Aright Catwoman, if we’re going to work together you have to obey my one rule.- Batman: No killing. Catwoman: No killing? But what about all those guys back there.- Batman: I just knocked them out. They’ll wake up and be fine. - Catwoman: And left them with no medical attention? Do you not know anything about brain injuries? Do you even know what a concussion is?- Catwoman: So, you see, sometimes even the smallest head wounds can lead to permanent damage or even death.- Batman: Well, now I feel like a real jerk.