The God of Wolves

I guess I was being a little weird with this one, at least it gets me off the hook from having to do a Halloween or a Christmas comic.

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Comic transcript

~The God of Wolves~ After Halloween is over for one more year- There are some too quick to bring on Christmas cheer.- But, I have a warning for you, to all those who do.- The God of the Wolves is here- From when the pumpkins decay, till December’s first day- If the God of Wolves hears you carol or sees your festive apparel- If he catches you decorating,- He sees that as miss-dating.- Because on November nights in an old Honda Civic- He hunts for Christmas lights and signs of Saint Nick- He’ll break into your home, and stand by your bed,- Then poor a bucket of sheep guts all over your head!- Why he does this? Well, as he would admit- “CHRISTMAS IS NEXT MONTH YOU ASS FUCKING SHIT!!”