I Wanna Be The Very Best

I hope y'all like Pokémon comics.

If not, sorry 'bout that.

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Comic transcript

Listen up Red, this is how pros train their Pokémon.

Find a good place to stand and look straight ahead. If you see a trainer walk directly into your line of sight then challenge them to a battle.

There’s no one here so I should rotate a little and look this way.

Nope, no one here, better switch again.

No one here either.

Red: Why don’t you just walk around in the long grass and fight wild Pokémon.

Or go up to any of the other dozen trainers just standing around on this route.

Oak: Red, I know you’re still new at this, but can you at least try to take this seriously?

Now go stand over there and remember to use tail whip as much as you can.

Red is standing around.

Dude looks over

Dude: Have you got more than two Pokémon with you?

Red: Yeah… Six.

Dude: Pffft, amateur.