Coke Nothing

I am going to mail anthrax to several notable people then blow up a landmark of some kind and bring holy war to the infedels. Allahu Akbar.

Not really. I'm just trying to pick up a few new readers from the NSA.

E3 seemed to have some pretty awesome games revealed. Mainly FFXV. I wish I had posted somewhere before that I saw this name switch thing coming, but I didn't so you'll just have to take my word for it; I totally saw the name switch coming.

Author commentary… from the FUTURE!

YES! The streak is over. This is actually one of my favourites, I am actually proud of this one. I was definitely out of my creative rut for this one. You see, a good joke needs work, I don’t think this one started with that ending, I had to work out how to end it properly. It even has a pretty good alt text, and is a visual improvement over the last one. I was definitely feeling a lot better about life and comics when I made this.

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