Author commentary… from the FUTURE!

So, I want to put google ads on my sight. Rad. BUT! There’s a small problem, google wants a tonne of text all over my sight for that to happen and since there isn’t a tonne of text here, I’ve been declined. BAH! I tend to be pretty silent in my author comments, so this presents a problem, I can either add transcripts to every pages, which is boring, or I could do this, an author commentary on comics up to five years old. Yeah, five years, I started this shit in my last year of high school. TTS is a continuation of my last webcomic, which I will not link because it is dreadful in a million ways. Let’s never speak of it again.

This page is ok I guess. I’ve seen several other comics do the same joke since (I was first, ok, first) and they’ve all done it better. Oh well. Art wise this is the basis of all future comics. I think this page looks a bit better than most of the next few pages.

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Comic transcript

Aladin is holding a lamp and a genie pops out "I am the genie of the lamp, I can grant you three wishes" "I wish for infinity wishes" "You can't wish for infinity wishes" Aladin thinks "I wish I could wish for infinity wishes" Genie is surprised and annoyed Genie snaps fingers Aladin says "I wish for infinity wishes"