Author commentary… from the FUTURE! Ok, so fun story. I used to (still do) fuck up my spelling and make typos a lot. This one has a noticeable one, floppy dick. Yep, it really was meant to be floppy disk. I didn't ever fix it because dicks are funny. This is also one of the only comics I’ve come back and changed slightly. I just blurred the backgorund, I’m not sure why I thought that was so important when there are plenty of other problems in these early comics.

Also, this marks one of my first style shifts. Yep, second comic and I’m already changing things. Turns out that the way I did mouthes last comic looks fine on people with dark skin tones and blue genies, but on white people it looks off, so, from now until strip 90 I do these ugly fucking lips.

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Who want to be a millionaire "So you are one question away from becoming the oldest winner on the show" "Oh joy" "Alrgiht, are you read to hear the million dollar question?" "Oh yes please" "In computing, how do you access the internet on a pc with the standard version of windows installed" "A) Use the internet button" "B) Copy the internet onto your machine with a floppy dick" "C) Right click everything and when nothing works accidentally delete everything on your computer" "or D) Ensure that your internet is connected directly or remotely and open your browser" "ummmm, oh dear, oh dear, I'm not sure."