This was the comic I meant to post before my site broke, it was originally only seen by my twitter followers, but now that TTS is back, everyone gets to see it!

Author commentary… from the FUTURE!

This is the last of 2014, there wasn’t many. Mostly because my site broke after this and it wasn’t until this year that I got around to fixing it. I was pretty busy at work anyway. Eventually after Grawlix CMS was released I downloaded that and redid my whole site.

Anyway, this one kind of sucks. It’s a good idea, but I screwed the pooch on the execution. I should have shown a plane in the first panel so you know they’re pilots, such a stupid mistake. And the art is a big downgrade from the last few. Streak is over I guess, or is it? I dunno, the underlying joke here is still ok I guess.

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