How To Name Your Band

I didn't look it up until after making this comic, but apparently Chainsaw Abortion is a real band as well as several different songs.

The others don't exist yet, but googleing to see if they do has probably put me on several watch lists.

Author commentary… from the FUTURE!

This is the comic that I think broke my slump from the last few weeks. I like it.

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Comic transcript

How to name your music act Indie Rock: Tear up a book and try re-arranging the words until something vaguely makes sense. Rocker 1 "Jasper didn’t get agriculture!" Rocker 2 "A kind of king." Rocker 1"Salt sald, I don’t know you." Electronic and Dance: Throw three or four marbles at your keyboard. Death Metal: Say horrible things until your parents start crying. CHAINSAW ABORTION! FLESHY PUSS SEMEN! BLOOD FROM A DEAD HOOKER’S TAINT! Mother "Oh where oh where did we go so wrong!?"