Energy Drinks

I know this one is weird and long, but I kind of like doing weird and long comics, I haven't done one in a while and I sort of like doing them. Maybe next week will be less weird and long.

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Comic transcript

Hello and welcome to “Energy Drink Tasters,” I’m your host Margaret and I’m joined by my co-host Susan.- Today we will be tasting a 2013 Red Bull with cranberry.- It’s a fine yet harsh taste with a lingering perpetuance. It has a flavour that really holds on to you.- The cranberry really adds to its acidic yet fragrant burn. It’s a subtle kick to the back of your throat that helps the flavour mingle with your tastebuds.- It’s a smooth blend, strong yet gentle. It’s like slipping drops of dew from the brow of a Roman god.- What do you think Susan?- Skulls can- Yo, this shit is hella tight bitch!- Puts on some rad shades.- Takes off on skateboard