Sorry for being a little late. Honestly I'm kind of glad, this comic needed the extra time for me to get it right, it went through a lot of re-writes before I came to this.

Also, here's a bonus comic


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Comic transcript

M: There’s something you have to know about me.

M: I come from an alternate universe.

M: Five years ago I was a scientist with NASA, experimenting with wormholes, there was an acci-dent and I was sucked in and transported here.

M: It’s taken me a while to get used to living in this world, but I’m managing.

W: Uh… You’re from an alternate universe? Is this a joke?

M: HA HA! Yep! Just me pulling your leg!

W: Ok, well anyway, after dinner I was thinking we could go see an exhibit on one of my favourite painters.

M: Sure, who’s the artist?

W: Adolph Hitler, are you a fan?

M is sweating.