Police Funeral

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Comic transcript

Two cops at funeral

A: I can’t believe he died like that, slipping on a banana peel and accidentally shooting himself.

B: Tragic way for a cop to go.

B: His partner is taking it pretty bad.

B: His own father was a drunk, so he looked up to him, as a mentor and a father figure.

A: I hear he’s sworn revenge, not sure how you take revenge against fruit though.

B: It’s a shame, they were working a big case.

A: And it was personal.

B: But after that he was meant to be out, only two weeks from retirement.

A: His poor wife, they only got married last month.

A: And they just found out she’s expecting.

A: Actually I can totally believe he died like that.

Master: You have completed your training.

You are now ready to become…

The Fruit Ninja!!!

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