The Masturbation Jar

This one got a hella lot of internet traction.

One day I'll repeat that success, one day.

Author commentary… from the FUTURE!


Ok, this is pretty much the only comic I have ever done (will do? :( ) that went viral. People like the masturbation jar I guess. It even has a few youtube videos made based on the joke (that didn’t credit me and also butchered the joke completely. I guess imitation is flattery and all that jazz) The comic is pretty ugly too, I still suck at exporting comics so there’s a bit of content outside the page. It becomes so obvious when re-hosted on other sites (as this one was frequently) Anyway, I don’t know how I feel about this comic. For a while it bothered me that everyone liked this one and not any of my others, but I guess I’ve gotten used to it. I see why people like it.

I guess I feel like how radiohead feels about creep.

Also, I’m doing a gross transparency thing with the balloons and that is gross.

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