Apologies for being so incredibly late again, also for the quality of this comic. Maybe it's just me but this isn't funny.

Does a bonus comic make up for it?

Also, I did some [url=]hourlies[/url]. They're not very good, but I've learned what not to do for next year.

Oh, I just noticed that the names of this comic and the last rhyme!

Author commentary… from the FUTURE! Yeah, I know the URLs are all broken in these comments, they have been since I changed CMS. But, as I have often said, I am lazy as shit. And frankly none of them link to anything that matters. Also, I never did do hourlies again, I guess I kept forgetting when they were on. It’s not like my life is interesting enough for hourlies anyway. OH! I just realised that I can click the links, they only look broken. Well, I’ll be… Looks like those hourlies are gone, they were hosted on my site so I guess I deleted them when I switched CMS. They were pretty rubbish anyway.

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