Author commentary… from the FUTURE! I guess this one’s ok. Hmmm. It looks like crap though. Ok, I said I’d never mention my last webcomic again, but I have to fill this text out with something. Anyway, Kate was a character in my other comic and I guess I was being a little self-referential. Although she’s a totally different character (she was a creepy goth in the other comic) so I had no need to put her here. Maybe her changed appearance and personality is a metaphor for my evolution as a cartoonist, or maybe I just had no idea what the fuck I was doing.

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Comic transcript

"Hey kate, I just got this text from you and I had a question." "Oh, hey, what's up?" "You wrote this weird acronym I haven't seen before" "This one" Points to the word "YOU" "It's you" She looks confused "Like the letter!"