For those with human-grade eysight who want to know what the article says.

Jack Managhan, host of Nature Survival Man with Jack Managhan has basically pissed on everything so much and so hard that every single living thing is either dead or severely grossed out by the amount of piss that is everywhere. Animals tend to live in pretty piss'n'shit filled conditions already, so you can imagine how much piss is needed to so drastically fuck up everything. Managhan has been arrested and charged for causing environmental damage and public urination. Channel ten, responsible for the program, has stated that they had no intention for this to happen, in fact, when Jack pitched the idea to them he described it as a celebrity cooking show and did not mention that urination would feature prominently in the show at all. "We had no idea what he was doing, he just ran off into the bush with a bunch of cameras and left all the celebrities we had lined up for the show behind." The show was set to air in July but has since been cancelled and replaced with a show that aims to combine reality singing shows with reality cooking shows hosted by Hugh Jackman. The show will not feature Jack Managhan or urine.

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I’ve made it clear that I like long ones, even though a lot of people don’t, also they are hard to do, so there’s not much reason to do them aside from personal satisfaction, but still, I like them.

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