Man, what was I thinking, quiche isn't funny! Quiche jokes are never funny! NO ONE WANTS QUICHE JOKES!


Anyways, FYI, I've launched TTS on Tapastic because it seems like tapastic is kind of a thing people are using now I guess. So if you're one of those people you can follow TTS on tapastic here http://tapastic.com/series/Thors-Thundershac

Or you can just keep reading them here, whatever floats your boat kid, I don't judge.

Author commentary… from the FUTURE!

So, I took it back to the old style but changed the way I approached colour. Anyway, this is like, two weeks ago now.

This comic all stemmed from the first line, and then I doodled it out on paper.

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I AIN’T HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS! I’m here to make this country’s greatest quiche! So what do you think judge? Is it the best? No. But you seem cool. Wanna hang out later? FUCK!