Aw! Son of a dick! I accidentally posted this a day early! Oh well, better than a day late I s'pose. It's up now, might as well leave it.

This comic came out of a time not long ago when I posted this comic ( to reddit and someone accused it of being an add for mountain dew. Maybe they were joking, but I looked at their post history and I'm pretty sure they weren't. Anyway, I decided to write some Mountain Dew jokes.

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Author commentary… from the FUTURE!

I have more comics with this guy planned, I will do them, even if this comic wasn’t that popular, I like it, and I want to do more Mtn Dew comics. Anyway, that’s it, I’m all up to date with these now, I’ve written author comments from the future for every single comic, now hopefully google will let me add bloody ads to my site.

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Comic transcript

MTN DEW COMIX - It's time to do the dew - Gotta do me some due the hella right now - He does the due - DO THE DEW - Let's do the dew babe! - No, the dew is a gateway drug! - NAH! The dew is radical - Look what your hands are doing! - Whoah! (His hands are totally doing drugs! Bad hands!) - You have to stop doing the dew (said by a doctor) - Whoah! I have to do more dew? - No, you have to do NO dew - That's a lot of dew doc - But I'm up for the challenge - You're not listening at all.