The Affair

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Comic transcript

Fruit Man: Pineapples! Two for one dollar! Today only!

Natalie: Honey, we forgot bread when we were in aisle two, could you run back and—

Brad: Natalie? Natalie is that you?

Brad: Oh my God, Natalie, how are you? I haven’t seen you in, like eight years.

Nat: Oh… Brad, hi. Uh… I’m good. This is my husband Jacob.

Jacob, this is my ex Brad.

Jacob: Pleasure to meet you.

Brad: Likewise.

Jacob: You know… I can’t help but feel that you look awfully familiar…

Oh! I know what it is! You look like our son, he turns eight this year.

Yes. You look remarkably like our…

Shocked face

Zooms in

Zooms in

Zooms in

Two for one dollar?!